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An Abridged Guide to Poetry Review Sources

Much has been made about the ‘lamentable’ state of reviewing in newspapers and journals in the past few years. With the shrinking of readership in print media, book review sections and pages have shrunk tremendously including such high profile changes as the Washington Post’s decision to no longer publish its Sunday Book Review in print form. Even in the ‘glory days’ of print, however, poetry was not reviewed as often as fiction and non-fiction. On a more positive note, on-line sources have taken up much of the slack in reviewing, and offer the poets themselves opportunities to talk about their work with prospective readers.

Whether on line or in print, poetry reviews are more often about creating visibility for new work, and may not offer much in the way of ‘recommendation’ to assist librarians in making acquisition choices.

Here is a list of on-line resources – some of which also appear in print – that can assist you in answering basic questions and find out more about the world of poetry.

The Big Four plus One or "HELP! Someone just asked me a Poetry Question: now what do I do?"

Review Sources: Print & On-Line

Review Sources: On-Line

Poetry News & Reviews

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