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Special Events / Benefits

Poets House is made possible through the support of patrons like you. We invite you to join us at our annual benefits and special events, including the Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge and our Winter Benefits. Every year, hundreds of poetry lovers who gather each year to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, stopping along the way to hear poems that celebrate the City of New York read by great poets. The walk concludes in Brooklyn at sunset with a reading of Walt Whitman’s “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” and is followed by a celebratory dinner and more readings. We are often treated to an appearance and additional reading by actor and longtime Poets House supporter Bill Murray.

In February 2018 the Poets House Winter Benefit Pièce de Résistance celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Poets House with Elizabeth Alexander, Taylor Mali, Sharon Olds, U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith, and Kevin Young.

Poets House benefits are a way to intimately experience great poetry and food with once-in-a-lifetime performances. Each benefit is different, but always takes place around exquisite food and wine. It is an opportunity to gather with other poetry lovers in a unique environment created just for the occasion.

For more information please contact Christina Lem at or 212-431-7920 ext 2835.

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